Why Are Mouthguards Important?

Does your child play any contact sports like basketball, football, and soccer? If so, you would want to ask your pediatric dentist about getting a mouthguard. There are far too many children who damage their teeth that could have been prevented by wearing a mouthguard. Active kids or athletes who do not wear it are […]

Why Choose A Pediatric Dentist

Oral care is more than just brushing and flossing every day. As stated by the American Dental Association, we should visit our dentists every six months or at least twice a year; and kids are not exempted from this rule. Parents of young children decide on choosing a pediatrician for the healthcare needs that require […]

Healthy Snacks For Your Kids While You’re On The Go

Kids often get hungry between meals because of their daily activities, and snack time is an excellent opportunity to sneak in some nutrients into your child’s food regime. Many packaged snacks that can be found in the grocery stores can be unhealthy because it is packed with sugar. While the occasional sugar snack is probably […]

Important Vitamins and Minerals For Your Child’s Teeth and Gums

We all know that brushing and flossing are essential to keep our teeth clean and healthy. But aside from these, did you know that proper nutrition takes part in your child’s oral health? Your child’s body, including their teeth and gums, benefit from proper nutrition. By taking the right vitamins and minerals and proper oral […]

What Parents Need To Know About Clenching And Teeth Grinding

During the night, you check on your children to see if they are already sound asleep. You peek into their bedroom, and instead of hearing the sound of sweet dreams, you hear harsh sounds such as gnashing and grinding of teeth, called bruxism. Bruxism is a medical term for teeth grinding or clenching of jaws. […]

Top 5 Tips For Taking Care Of Braces

Getting braces is a big deal because, on the one hand, it is a lasting investment, while on the other hand, you realized that taking care of braces needs extra vigilance for both you and your child. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, braces help fix teeth that are crooked, too close to each […]

Baby Teething Comfort Tips

By and large, an infant is born with teeth that are partially developed below the gum line. In a person’s life, you will have two sets of teeth: baby teeth and permanent teeth. When babies get their first tooth, it is an important and exciting step in their growth process because those teeth will allow […]

10 Bad Foods for Your Child’s Teeth

You have taught your child the basics for protecting the teeth from cavities such as brushing and flossing every day. But did you know that some foods and drinks can also affect your child’s oral health? Food has a significant impact on their teeth, for better or for worse. You probably know that many food […]

Benefits of Fluoride in Children

By following the guidelines and right portions, fluoride is safe and recommended for children as it offers a significant number of benefits. Brushing and flossing alone are not enough to protect your teeth. Fluoride makes your child’s teeth healthy and protected to cavities, and it also helps repair the early stages of tooth decay. Fluoride […]

What To Do When Dental Emergency Occurs

Dental emergencies, injuries, or trauma are often stressful for both parents and kids, which are extremely common. A dental emergency is any trauma to the mouth that may cause bleeding and lacerations to the gums, and dislodge or fractured teeth may require medical attention. There are two peak risk periods for dental trauma. It comes […]