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Top Healthy Foods to Prevent Health Problems

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Taking care of teeth is essential! As part of oral care, the most common thing as parents is you making sure that you bring your child to the dentist frequently, introduce a good and practice them a good oral hygiene routine. However, even if your child has good oral hygiene, please keep in mind that it will be hard to keep their teeth healthy and strong if there is no proper diet and good nutrition for your child.

Remember, eating healthy plays a significant role in kids; what they eat affects the health of the entire body, especially during the stage of their growth and development. A part of it is their dental growth. If the nutrients do not meet the needs and requirements of the body to function well, it may lead to developing malnutrition that can be a result of having chronic diseases.

A balanced diet with proper nutrition meals is sufficient for your child to promote healthy teeth and gums, such as eating meat, fruits, and vegetables. Here are the top healthy foods for kids for each vitamin and minerals to prevent health problems.

Phosphorus is an essential mineral in your bones; it creates energy and found in all cells in your body. Phosphate is combined with calcium to form a hard structure in your child’s bones and teeth.

Food rich in Phosphorus

o Tuna
o Lean Pork
o Chicken Breast
o Beef
o Nuts

Calcium is a nutrient that most of our bodies have. It is the most abundant mineral in the human body. It is in your bones and is an essential mineral for building and keeping your teeth and bones healthy and strong.

Food rich in Calcium

o Milk
o Cheese
o Green leafy vegetables
o Yogurt
o Seeds (sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds)

Vitamin C is sturdy to keep the connective tissues secure, which helps gums stay healthier. It helps protect from gum diseases and gives support to the body’s immune system.

Food rich in Vitamin C

o Oranges
o Guavas
o Tomatoes
o Strawberries
o Bell Peppers

Vitamin D helps strengthen teeth and gums and supports the absorption of calcium inside the body.

Food rich in Vitamin D

o Salmon
o Mushrooms
o Eggs
o Sardines
o Oatmeal or Cereal

Vitamin A is an essential nutrient in building tooth enamel. It also keeps gums healthy and helps boost the immune system. It helps your child’s mouth heal quickly and prevents the mouth from drying.

Food rich in Vitamin A

o Liver
o Carrots
o Sweet Potatoes
o Pumpkins
o Spinach

Choose right and nutritious food to keep your child away from chronic diseases. Smart snacking is a must to sustain the nutrients for healthy gums and teeth. Avoid sugary foods such as candy that will lead to having gum problems or tooth decay. Instead, opt for nutritious meals and snacks. And a friendly reminder at Kidsmile to always remind your child to brush or rinse the mouth with water right after eating to prevent health problems.

We, at Kidsmile, are passionately dedicated to providing quality dental care for your child. Our goal is to partner with you to help your child establish and achieve excellent oral health as they grow.

You can message us here or via our social media accounts for an initial consultation or in booking your appointment.


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